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Finally, the perfect multigrain loaf.

Finally, the perfect multigrain loaf.

Winter Baking Winter is when I develop new bread recipes to bring to market in the summer. It’s a win-win because it warms up the kitchen and our bellies at the same time. I’m always going to bake my rustic sourdough that so many of the folks who visit our booth at the Port Sanilac Farmers’ Market love so much, but there are lots of people who want a healthier heartier alternative to bread made with plain white flour. That’s where my new multigrain loaf comes in. It has just a touch of honey from Larry and Nina’s Green Bee Honey that we get locally. (I can’t say enough about how great their honey is. I’m not exaggerating when I say it tastes like liquid sunshine.) It’s probably almost as good as Gene’s great uncle Bruno’s honey was. He used to keep bees just down the road from us in a little woods. The woods are still there, but his house is long gone, unfortunately.

Back to the bread. The tough part of getting this loaf just right has been deciding what types of grains to use. I’ve been experimenting with both cracked and flaked varieties, and I have to say that both have their strengths. I prefer the flavor of the cracked grains, while Gene likes the texture of the flakes. It finally dawned on me that it’s not an either / or proposition. I decided to try half flaked and half cracked grain. Voila! The perfect healthy loaf. Here’s the recipe: Hearty Multigrain Bread

And here’s the link to Honeyville Grain where I get the cereal mixes for this recipe. They don’t sponsor my blog. I just think they have good products at fair prices.

Deli-style rye takes patience; something that I have in short supply.

Deli-style rye takes patience; something that I have in short supply.


2 thoughts on “Food

  1. Your bread looks really good…too bad I don’t live closer…would love some to taste.

  2. Come and visit any time. The kitchen never closes!

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